1. The CMS Travelpass card belongs to the individual it is issued to and is non-transferable.

2. The CMS Travelpass Card is valid in all CMS clubs worldwide. A list of these clubs may be found on the CMS-Travelpass.com website.

3. Upon entering a club identify yourself as a CMS Travelpass holder and show your CMS Travelpass card and a photo ID.

4. To validate your CMS Travelpass card have your “home” club validate the backside of your card before you leave to visit another club. Make sure the current date is stamped on the card.

5. You must be a current club member to have your card validated.

6. Your travelpass will be accepted for 30 days throughout the worldwide CMS Travelpass system.

7. The travel Pass card must be properly validated for use.

8. All local club rules must be respected by CMS Travelpass users.

9. The CMS Travelpass card is for the convenience of members who travel reasonable distances from their “home club”. Due to conflict of interest, CMS Travelpass cards may not be valid in clubs too close to your “home” club. Please check ahead for useage rules.

10. Abuse of the rule regarding the use of CMS Travelpass cards may result in the loss of Travelpass privileges.

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